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About Pest Kill

We have solutions for homes and businesses that can be susceptible to a range of pests and can cause all kinds of damage to your quality of life as well as reputational damage to your business. We provide a Discreet Service and use Unmarked Vehicles


All our vans are unmarked

Our Services


Rodent Control

Insect Control

Fumigation Services


Bird Control

Electric Flykillers



Commercial Pest Control We have been successfully providing our customers with a service to exceed expectatons.

We use the latest technologies and the best quality products to achieve the desired results.

We will remove all unwanted pests from your business allowing you to return to normal as soon as possible.

All insect pests are controlled – Ants, cockroaches.

All rodent pests eliminated.

Flyscreens and Electronic Fly Killer Units supplied.

Pestkill are:  

  • IPCA (Irish Pest Control Association) Founder Member

  • NPTA (National Pest Technicians) Member

  • IMFO (International Marine Fumigation Organisation) Member All Pestkill Technicians are:

  • CRRU Iasis Wildlife Aware Certified Pest Professional

  • DAFM Registered Pest Management Professional

  • BASIS Prompt CPD Certified Pest Professional We provide an NPTA Certified Field Biologist services:

  • Inspection and compliance auditing of client sites including Environmental & Pest Risk Assessment

  • Drawing up and implementation of pest prevention programs

  • Implementation of National and European Legislation and Legal Conformity

  • Industry Specifications, Documentation, Standards and Codes of Practice

  • Client Liaison, Report Writing and Trend Analysis

  • Auditing Management Systems 19011:2011

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